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This is the driving force for Philadelphia-based hypnotist Frank Perri. “I’ve always been fascintated by the mind,” he says. “Everything from psychology and dreams, to the human condition and the minutia of everyday life.”Although he studied acting in college, Frank eventually decided he wanted to pursue something different. He began studying magic and doing card tricks at parties. Soon his reputation grew and his audience demanded more. Frank wanted focus on shifts in perception instead of the illusion he used in card magic. His fascination with the mind led him to learn hypnosis. Coupled with his love of comedy and performance, it seemed like the ideal pursuit. While his outward demeanor is bright and playful, Perri has a very scientific approach to his work. “Once you can understand how hypnosis works, you start seeing it everywhere.” Hypnotism proves that a simple shift in perception can completely change our behavior and the way we see the world. It also proves that the biggest obstacle standing in the way of our dreams is the way we perceive ourselves and our world.


But Frank doesn’t bore his audiences with dry science and figures. “We go on an awesome ride together - that’s what hypnosis is. It’s not mind control or voodoo. It’s just a temporary, guided change in perception. I love opening people’s eyes to the idea that really anything you can imagine can become reality.”



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